Luv Nellie

Shelley James was formally an Interior Designer in the Metro Detroit and New York City areas.  Her focus on the individuals taste and personality infused with her her creativity and color expertise attracted high end clients such as professional athletes, restaurants and corporate office spaces. Shelley has taken her love of color , texture and all things unique to expand into jewelry.   Her designs are inspired  by the wonders of nature. The shimmer of the sun shining on the ocean, twinkling stars, the brilliant blue of the sea, pure whiteness of fresh fallen snow, glistening ice on the branches of trees, the amazing colors of a sunset.

Beads and semi-precious stones used in all designs are the most unique, unusual, and eclectic in the marketplace, Quality is unquestionable. Imported from around the world, including vintage warehouses in the U.S. Artfully designed and produced in the U.S.A.  Jewelry that will add a hint of sophistication, precious nature and sparkle to any attire, dress or casual.  Gift accessories to excite and delight, a touch of glitz and whimsy.                                                                                                   

                                                                                       If you are looking for something special, YOU HAVE FOUND IT